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The following is a list of common symptoms that a Lyme Disease sufferer can typically experience. This is not a complete list and is based on the personal experience of Living the Lyme Life founder, James Christie.

1. Rash at site of original tick bite (photos here).

2. Re-occurring circular rashes on other parts of body (photo here).

3. Flu-like symptoms - fever, nausea.

4. Sore Throats - swollen glands, excessive long-term production of phlegm.

5. Extreme Headaches and Migraines.

6. Night Sweats - wake up soaking wet and feel like burning up.

7. Heart Palpitations and chest pain - heart racing, can feel pulse pounding throughout body.

8. Vision Problems - light sensitivity, trouble focusing, eye pain. 

9. Hearing Problems - ringing or buzzing in ears, plugged ears, impaired hearing.

10. Jaw / Teeth Pain - top and/or bottom jaw pain.

11. Neck Muscle Pain and Stiffness.

12. Chronic Muscle Pain - shaking, twitching.

13. Joint and Bone Pain.

14. Extreme Fatigue - total body exhaustion - sleep for days and still feel exhausted.

15. Dizziness - trouble walking after standing up - balance problems.

16. Anxiety / Panic Attacks.

17. Irritability - mood swings and quick anger.

18. Sleep disorders - waking up after 3 or 4 hours sleep and cant get back to sleep.

19. Memory Loss - loss of focus and clarity, confusion, disorientation, lack of concentration.

20. Speech Problems - stammering, slow speech.

21. Extreme Weight gain or loss.

22. Pain Migrates Through Body - symptoms change frequently, comes and goes rapidly.

23. Severe Alcohol Sensitivity - tiny amount of alcohol makes body feel like it is spinning.